Using Videos to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Videos can be a powerful tool to help you increase your conversion rate. By showing the quality of the products you offer, you can position them as an excellent solution for your target audience and drive more sales. Marketers often focus on acquiring traffic rather than optimizing it, but getting thousands of new visits to your landing page won't be valuable unless those visitors become customers. The principle of using video to generate conversions on your website is the same as using a blog post: aligning your video content with the next step, offer, or download will likely push visitors towards the ultimate goal of converting into potential customers.

Statistics show that more and more customers expect to see videos during their purchase process, but not everyone will be able to watch them. Videos are an effective call to action because they are easier to consume than any other content medium. The more data your video hosting provider collects for analysis, the more informed your optimization decisions will be. To make sure that videos can be viewed without sound, all videos must include subtitles or edited transcripts.

While many video servers are capable of automatically generating captions for your videos, they're not perfect. As you start to use more and more videos on your website, it's important to create and maintain a good user experience or you risk driving visitors away. Funnelbox helps organizations like Adidas, HP, Nike and Xerox to harness the power of YouTube and social media videos to generate traffic and sales. Kelly Molloy, senior web strategist at New Breed, suggests leveraging the power of YouTube and video marketing to generate traffic and convert it into sales.

You can also speed up the sales process and increase conversion rates by sending personalized videos to potential customers via email. As you map out your video strategy and consider the offers you already have, think about how video can help take a potential customer from one stage to the next. If you're looking for a reliable way to improve your conversion rate optimization metrics, start with video.

Flora Ballengee
Flora Ballengee

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