Using Videos to Increase Customer Loyalty in Sales

Customer loyalty is essential for the long-term success of any business. A single customer is great, but a returning customer is even better. So, how can you encourage customers to buy again? Personalized video is one of the most effective marketing tools for companies. Video marketing can turn customers into brand promoters, and customer retention is even more important, as it shows if your customers are satisfied.

Your customer service team can use personalized videos to thank customers in many situations. Whether it's to thank them for their call, for doing business, or for having called a meeting with you, the main message you're trying to convey is that you appreciate them. That personal, personalized video shows that your support team cares about your customers and, in fact, can increase customer satisfaction. According to Wyzowl, 43% of video marketers have experienced a decrease in support calls since they introduced video.

We all know the importance of turning customers into brand promoters, and customer service videos are one more tool you have at your disposal to make it happen. As an agency or marketing specialist that creates content for your clients, you're constantly thinking of creative ways to stand out from the competition and capture the attention of their customers. By including some or all of these videos in your customer's marketing funnel, you can create a richer and more positive experience for your customer's customers, which better encourages brand loyalty and is more likely to turn customers into brand evangelists. This unique combination of personalization and interactivity results in an emotional video for viewers. For example, Barclays uses their name throughout the video and shows real figures of how much the consumer can borrow for how long.

Video is the most successful type of media marketing, with 64% of consumers admitting to having made a purchase after watching a video promotion. GloriaFood, an online ordering service for restaurants, created an animated customer service video on how to activate online payments. Another benefit of animated videos is that they are easier to dub into another language than a video with actors in front of the camera. Your customer service team probably already has a list of frequently asked questions handy, but you can also survey your customers to generate the list of questions for an FAQ video. Through a video analysis tool, or simply through the YouTube analysis panel, you can easily see how many people watch your videos and where they leave them, allowing you to use that information for the next video you create.

You can add value to your customers by creating a simple video that directly answers their questions.

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