Using Videos to Boost Your Sales

Videos are a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their products and services. They can be used to demonstrate features and benefits, show how to set up, use, and maintain products, and even tell stories. With the visual and sound impact of video, it's no wonder that people are more likely to watch videos than other forms of content. According to a study, 53% of people want to see more videos in the future. The optimal length of video content varies depending on the industry, but experimenting with both short- and long-term video content can help you find the right balance.

Research suggests that videos between 2 and 10 minutes are the best starting point. As users continue to spend more time watching videos online - an average of 18 hours per week - video is becoming increasingly attractive for mobile users. Theory11 is a great example of a company that understands the power of video. Their videos are high-production and highly polished, weaving their brand into every frame. VAT19 is another company that has seen success with video.

They call themselves “suppliers of curiously incredible products” and sell hundreds of interesting products in their store. Despite the competition, VAT19 has stood out from the rest by adding videos to their product pages and providing an entertaining and educational element to each product. VAT19 videos range from weird to funny, and some are simply entertaining and fun to watch. This strategy has yielded good results; they have published more than 500 videos and have achieved an impressive 1,300,000 subscribers on YouTube. Luxy Hair is another example of a company that has built a 7-figure business using only YouTube marketing. The power of video in the purchase decision process explains why 93% of companies that use video believe that this has allowed users to better understand their product or service, which affects their conversion rates.

Videos can also be used to help potential customers decide what product or price is best for them. Instructional videos and tutorials are another way to help translate technical or more difficult to understand information into an easy to digest format. All of these statistics clearly indicate that video content is beneficial to marketers and its use is increasing. When creating video content, it's important to consider what phase of the funnel you're targeting. A video for the awareness phase will look different from a video for the desired phase, so it's important to know what you need before you start. In terms of distribution methods, videos intended for the awareness-raising phase tend to work well on social networks or as video advertisements in searches, OTTs, television and other digital spaces.

Live video production is also becoming increasingly popular as it allows for a more personal connection with viewers. Customer testimonials (51%), tutorial videos (50%) and demonstration videos (49%) are considered the most effective type of video marketing for this stage. Brand videos, explanatory videos, crowdfunding videos and product videos also work well for this stage. The results speak for themselves; 72% of companies that use video believe that the conversion rate of their website has improved, while 64% of them believe that it has directly led to an increase in sales. It's never too late to launch a video production strategy, so why not give it a try? You might be surprised at how effectively video boosts sales for your brand.

Flora Ballengee
Flora Ballengee

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