The Best Practices for Using Videos to Boost Your Sales

Knowing the name of your potential customer and pronouncing it correctly is a great way to start off any sales video. Planning your video in advance is also essential for success. B2B sales teams are increasingly turning to video tools to improve communication and understanding between sellers and customers. When done right, using video for sales can be incredibly effective and help sales representatives accelerate the sales process and increase conversions. If you don't take the time to prepare your sales videos, you could end up losing the sale and a potential customer who is near the end of the sales funnel.

However, when you start using video to sell and add video content to your promotional campaigns, sales processes, customer acquisition or account management, you become much more memorable and can create a more personal shopping experience. Using video for sales allows sales representatives to show their product, its different features and benefits in the best possible way and demonstrate their knowledge and experience. Therefore, if you are immersed in a sales process involving many different stakeholders and decision makers who are not directly interacting with you, the best way to ensure that your message doesn't get lost in translation is to provide your messenger with a prerecorded video presentation. In addition, customers are more likely to watch a shorter video sales presentation several times if they need a review. When it comes to evaluating a new video platform, it's important to involve other stakeholders from the start so that the needs of the business are addressed and the right stakeholders are brought on board from the beginning. After a sales video call, it's time to continue with a pre-recorded asynchronous video presentation.

By recording and sharing relevant and engaging video content, sellers can quickly build trust with potential customers and position themselves as trusted advisors, accelerate the sales cycle and close more deals. Ask some of your best representatives to show you how the template should be used and save them to your library of sales training videos. Video analysis can show you when potential customers are interacting with your sales videos, how long they've watched them, and which slides have caught their most attention. Using video for sales allows sellers to easily analyze even the most complex concepts and offers. E-learning storyboards are a great starting point, allowing you to trace every scene, visual element and character in your online sales training video. In this webcam outreach video, Chris van Praag used a little editing, creativity and humor to create an incredibly engaging outreach video for his target account.

You should also make sure that your online sales training videos are available to employees with special needs such as those with visual or hearing disabilities or those who speak other languages. As video sales continue to grow in popularity, it's important to have a library of pre-recorded asynchronous presentations and video messages for different stages of the sales process. A practical by-product of this is that you can save time by adding video to your sales process.

Flora Ballengee
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