What Kind of Videos Work Best on Social Media?

If you want to make the most of your social media presence, creating videos is a great way to engage with your followers. There are many different types of videos that can be used on social media, from live streaming to behind-the-scenes tours and tutorials. With careful editing and the best video creation tools, you can create engaging content that will capture your audience's attention. Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other streaming services make it easy to connect with your audience.

Biteable is a great tool for creating videos for social networks, with more than 1.8 million clips, images and archival animations to choose from. You can customize the video as much or as little as you want, making it perfect for visits to the office, going behind the scenes to an event you're participating in, or showcasing new products. Q&A content, behind the scenes and events are all great topics for behind-the-scenes videos. Tutorials and instructional videos are also popular on social media, although you may need to modify the format for shorter attention spans.

If your video isn't engaging for the first few seconds, viewers are likely to keep scrolling. Add an eye-catching title card and try to capture viewers' attention in the first 3 seconds. Live videos can be streamed from most platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can interview customers, team members and industry influencers for Q&A videos.

Social media videos can cover any topic, so depending on your industry, you can create a lot of relevant and informative content. For example, McLaren created a behind-the-scenes video showing how they went from manufacturing F1 cars to supporting the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium and producing ventilators and medical carts. If you plan to make live videos frequently, create a schedule so viewers know when to tune in. B2B companies can also make great use of social media videos.

For example, this instructional video shows how men can achieve the same hairstyle in one minute and 15 seconds. With careful editing and the best video creation tools, BTS tours can be very effective for brands whose products are B2B or technical. Explanatory videos are also a great way for brands to publish intentional product-focused content that satisfies their audience's thirst for knowledge. Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to show viewers that they're part of what their favorite brands are doing. Q&A interviews and videos are excellent formats for interacting with your audience while offering informative content. In the case of B2B and software services, you can hold a live video session using a screen-sharing application to teach your audience and allow customers to ask questions.

If you want people to listen, encourage viewers to tap to see the sound in the description or captions of the video. Kissmetrics reminds us of the power of performing a link audit to ensure that social media channels facilitate access to information about your website and digital presence. Social media videos should be short, sweet and easy to eat; for that reason, something that gets your message across in less than a minute or two is ideal. Tell exciting stories that offer value to viewers; setting objectives should always be the first step in developing any digital marketing strategy (or updating a previous one). Instructional videos on social media are often easier to understand than articles, even though they explain the same process step by step. Users are still overwhelmed by all kinds of content, so it's important when they decide to dedicate time to your brand - especially in a live video which is usually longer than other types of video. Bold graphics, fun colors and an interesting approach to highlighting product features can help you create an impressive 6-second video for your latest offer.

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