What Types of Videos are Best for Sales?

When it comes to sales, videos can be a powerful tool to help you reach your goals. From webcam videos to product videos, there are a variety of types of videos that can help you increase engagement, sales, and brand loyalty. The webcam video (also known as the FAQ video or the 80% video) is a prerecorded video in which an agent appears talking to the camera. This type of video is ideal if you want to explain complex topics in an easier to digest way.

It's also useful because people are always on the move and can play the video while they're on the go. Another type of sales video is the product video. These videos show the basics of how a product works and its benefits. They are very popular because they allow potential customers to experience a product without being there in person.

Companies can use these types of sales videos to explain the benefits of a product or service, or even how it works in a high-impact format. The Q&A sales video is designed to cover more detailed questions about a specific topic or use case. This type of video is based on the reality of sales work, where between 75 and 80% of the questions that are asked to sales teams at the first point of contact are the same. Finally, instructional or tutorial videos are one of the most effective types of video content marketing that you should start using right now.

These videos can show, in action, how your product works and why it's effective. What sets these videos apart in particular are features such as a call to action, a link to access products, or other interactive elements that encourage customers to actively participate in the products you sell. By knowing your audience and employing strategic and diverse video content on your e-commerce website, you're sure to see an increase in engagement, sales, and brand loyalty in the coming years.

Flora Ballengee
Flora Ballengee

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