Why Video is Essential for Sales Success

Video is a powerful tool for sales representatives, as it can make potential customers more receptive to your proposal. Adding a product video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%, and video ads are highly effective on social media platforms. According to a survey, 92% of marketers consider videos to be a vital part of their digital marketing strategy, and 73% of users said that they would rather watch a video to learn about a new product than any other type of content. Live video streams are one of the few types of social media content that still have a decent organic reach, and the preference for video is one of the most important driving forces behind the use of video in content marketing.

Companies that don't use video will increasingly be at a disadvantage compared to companies that use video. Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo allow video creators to see valuable information, such as how many users watched a video, for how long and where they found it. This makes it much more likely that social media users will stop scrolling for at least a few seconds to see what's happening in the video. It's also important to embed a professional thumbnail that leads to the video via a link when using videos in email campaigns. The Treepodia team has ensured that the video works well regardless of the category in which it is deployed, and Facebook, together with Nielsen, projected the value of video ads on its platform.

They found that 74% of the total removal of ads can already be achieved in the first 10 seconds of the video. Video content is more likely to keep the audience in the comfort zone and not to engage in system 2 thinking, leading to less critical thinking, less friction, and more conversions. The importance of video marketing is that it attracts your audience and triggers emotions that are necessary to build a long-term relationship. We hope you now understand that using videos in sales emails can make a big difference in your sales conversions, and it's essential for any e-commerce store to invest in the best video marketing tools and get a great ROI.

Flora Ballengee
Flora Ballengee

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