Using Videos to Strengthen Customer Relationships in Sales

Personalizing video content for customer service is a great way to build relationships with customers. Get ideas from your audience and create a regular schedule for your videos. Video is the ideal medium for product demonstrations, as it allows you to showcase all the features and benefits of your product. You can show potential customers how to set it up, use it, and maintain or repair it.

The visual and sound impact of this type of media makes it far superior to other types of media. Even if the video focuses on food, your products can still be featured, helping you increase sales and customer loyalty. In this article, we'll explain why you should consider adding videos throughout your sales process and how this can help improve your communication at all stages, especially later. Early in the sales process, when you're trying to make presentations or book meetings with new potential customers, taking advantage of video messages as part of your overall rhythm is a sure way to establish more connections. If you're taking advantage of account-based marketing or account-based sales in your organization, create videos based on people and accounts that sales reps can mix, combine and send (try asking your marketing team for help).

Screen sharing videos are a particularly useful type of sales video because they allow customer service managers to explain the product to the viewer. For a very personal approach, try shooting a joint video with the SDR and the AE sitting side by side, explaining the change and what it means. Using video as part of outbound digital sales strategies offers a great opportunity to stand out and create a more personal connection from day one. A virtual sales tool, such as the Vidyard extension for Chrome, makes it easy to record and send videos directly from the preferred email client, the sales participation platform, or even through a direct message from LinkedIn. Your website is the perfect place for a video presentation about your company and its products and services. A video of their new point of contact, perhaps sitting with the sales representative they already know, conveys the goodwill of one team to the next and reassures new customers.

Video is the best medium for presenting testimonials because video shows verbal and non-verbal communication. Sales videos get well-deserved attention for their ability to capture attention in the early stages, but they become even more valuable throughout the sales cycle. Videos help boost sales by building customer loyalty after the sale, so that your customers buy more products and services and recommend you to others. This HubSpot sales representative sends this non-personalized video to quickly guide users through a workflow with frequently asked questions. For example, if you sell garden tools, you can produce a series of explanatory videos about gardening.

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