Do Sales Videos Really Work?

Statistics show that sales representatives who use video in their prospecting, relationship building and sales emails get at least five times higher open rates and eight times higher open-to-response rates. In other words, using video sales prospecting is one of the fastest ways to grab the attention of your buyers and accelerate your sales process. Videos are great additions to all aspects of your business, including sales. Just think about how many videos you watch on social media every day and how many of your favorite brands create marketing videos. It's clear that video is a big hit with the public.

So if video can work so well for marketing, why not for sales as well? Be careful with the notifications on your desktop, it's easy to get distracted and look the other way if you receive email or chat notifications when you try to record videos. If you spend part of your day recording videos, consider deferring notifications so you can focus 100%.Do you incorporate video into your sales process? Sales video humanizes the experience of your potential customers. Sales are based on building relationships and interacting with others. Video creates a personal and engaging connection between you and your audience, which in turn develops trust and credibility.

Overcome your anxiety: If video isn't something you usually do, it can be very intimidating to start. Some sales representatives tend to be camera-shy when shooting sales videos because they aren't used to being on video and may feel insecure about their appearance. A virtual sales tool, such as the Vidyard extension for Chrome, makes it easy to record and send videos directly from the preferred email client, the sales participation platform, or even through a direct message from LinkedIn. This should get your attention and encourage your sales reps to use video in their sales activities. For all your main accounts, you can send individual, personalized videos that highlight your deep knowledge of the account and give the broadcast a personal touch. Now that you understand why, where and how to incorporate video into your sales process, it's time to make it happen.

Early in the sales process, when you're trying to make presentations or book meetings with new potential customers, taking advantage of video messages as part of your overall rhythm is a sure way to establish more connections. Sales video gets well-deserved attention for its ability to capture attention in the early stages, but the video connection becomes more valuable throughout the entire sales cycle. If you don't currently use video in your sales process, there are many more statistics that will make you reconsider your position on video. A good video style to start with is asynchronous video, which allows you to maintain friendly face-to-face communication with your audience while also saving you precious time. This HubSpot sales representative sends this non-personalized video to quickly guide users through a workflow with frequently asked questions.

Social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great for getting started and for creating short videos that appeal to your audience. But there's also a great opportunity to use individual video to build incremental relationships since you can add your voice and personality to your follow-ups, call summaries, product demonstrations and proposals. Video testimonials will increase trust, show how you differ from the competition and connect you emotionally which can lead to more people buying your product or service. Sales representatives should know that one of the best ways to build a strong relationship with potential customers is through video sales testimonials.

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