Optimizing Videos for Sales: Tips and Strategies

Video sales are becoming an increasingly important part of the modern B2B sales process. YouTube is a great place to start posting videos, and it's also beneficial to upload them natively to social media platforms. Research shows that 79% of consumers agree that video is the easiest way to learn about a brand online, and 74% of consumers can establish a direct connection between watching a video on social networks and their purchasing decision-making process. In fact, 46% of consumers said that they had made a purchase as a result of watching a brand's video on social media, while another 32% had considered doing so. Instead of sending lengthy sales emails or marketing PDFs, your sellers can record and share compelling videos.

Optional captions and transcripts are a great way to make your video content accessible to a wider audience. Video analysis can also help sellers identify trends among potential customers to optimize their sales and marketing materials, prospecting videos, and sales presentations. You can keep track of the slides in your video presentation that are omitted or re-viewed, allowing you to know which parts of your sales pitch are most attractive or important to viewers. This will make it easier for people to recognize you when they see a video you've shared, and it can also instill a sense of professionalism that, over time, will build trust. B2B sales teams use video tools to improve communication and understanding between sellers and customers.

By recording and sharing relevant and engaging video content, sellers can quickly build trust with potential customers and position themselves as trusted advisors, accelerate the sales cycle and close more deals. Video messages and pre-recorded asynchronous video presentations are very effective ways to communicate, both for you and for your potential customer. This will allow viewers to browse the content if they prefer, and it can also help search engines index video content for relevant search queries. By recording and sharing compelling video content, you can stay in the spotlight, foster relationships with potential customers, build trust, and accelerate your sales process. However, keep in mind that so that people don't feel like they're being deceived by watching pre-recorded videos that you insist are live, try combining live and prerecorded content. Asking open-ended questions is an important part of any sales call, and video calls are no exception.

Creating a small library of pre-recorded asynchronous video presentations will allow you to quickly and easily find and share videos with relevant content and resources with your customers in a very attractive video format. Remember that people buy from people, not from companies, and by using video as part of your marketing and sales strategy, your ideal customers will be able to see the person behind the company they are interacting with. By investing a little time in recording a small library of video presentations and setting up a labeling system, your sales team can streamline the sales process, accelerate the sales cycle and close more deals.

Flora Ballengee
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