How Video Can Help You Increase Your Sales

The use of video in marketing campaigns has been shown to increase conversion rates by 34%. This is because videos are attractive, increase the time that visitors spend on a page and can also build trust with customers. One of the reasons why videos can help you increase your sales is that people want to consume videos. According to a study, 53% of people want to see more videos in the future. When you create video content, people are more likely to see it than other forms of content.

Whether companies realize it or not, video content is increasingly becoming an essential component of every marketing strategy. Not only does it appear in 70% of the top 100 search engine ads (according to KISSmetrics), but it can also make site visitors 144% more likely to buy products after watching it on video, as shown in a report from the electronic home goods store Stacks& Stacks. And let's not forget DollarShaveClub, which managed to get 12,000 customers in two days with just one cleverly executed video (see below).The video was a humorous and deliberately hyperbolic representation of DollarShaveClub's unique service, a bit risky for a company with no influence. But it worked, and the brand is still enjoying steady growth today.

Product videos are the easiest and most obvious way to get potential customers interested in a new product. By getting a clear, up-close view of the product you want to promote and offering an attractive overview of its features, you can easily turn a customer's “maybe” into “definitely”.Video marketing is one of the most powerful tactics you can use to grow your store and generate more sales. According to Wyzowl, 62% of organizations that use videos think that video has helped increase the amount of organic traffic they receive. The power of video in the purchase decision process explains why 93% of companies that use video believe that this has allowed users to better understand their product or service, which affects their conversion rates (see below for more information).

Finally, unfortunately, you can't create a single video, publish it on your distribution channel, and wait for sales to arrive. This can help you increase your sales, as 84% of consumers say that they are convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand video. There are several main reasons why video has proven to be so popular with both users and marketers. Before you start using videos in your store, you should be able to distinguish between two types of videos: awareness videos and desired action videos. By participating in the production process, your vendors will feel more involved in the video initiative when the final files are ready for distribution. The same study conducted by Ascend2 found that half of the marketers interviewed consider customer testimonials (51%), tutorial videos (50%) and demonstration videos (49%) to be the most effective type of video marketing.

Because people are used to watching videos, Animoto found that 1 in 4 consumers tend to lose interest in a company if they don't include any video on their website. As for the video itself, it does one thing exceptionally well: it offers the reader a product experience. According to a study conducted by Google, almost 50% of Internet users search for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. In addition, according to Animoto, there are four times as many customers who would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. In fact, it's not surprising to see that 87% of online marketers use video content to grow their businesses, while 88% say that video is “an important part of their marketing strategy”.

Flora Ballengee
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